When is Industrial Water Week celebrated each year?

Industrial Water Week is celebrated the first full work week (Monday through Friday) of October.

Can anyone celebrate Industrial Water Week?

YES! It is a GLOBAL celebration!

Is Industrial Water Week affiliated with any organization, business, or trade group?

No. Industrial Water Week is NOT affiliated with any other entity. It is hoped that many people and groups celebrate Industrial Water Week globally each year, but it is intentionally not associated with any organization, business, or trade group.

Does Industrial Water Week accept sponsorship or advertisement?

No. Industrial Water Week is open for all to celebrate with no bias nor preference. It is an "open-source" celebration.

May I use my company logo with Industrial Water Week artwork I create?

ABSOLUTELY! This is an open-source holiday. Show the world that your company is celebrating Industrial Water Week with co-branding, just like any other holiday. Then share it on the Industrial Water Week social media sites or tag it with #IndustrialWaterWeek or #IWW20 so we can all see what you did.

Why should I celebrate Industrial Water Week?

  • Why not? We celebrate many other things in our lives, so why not celebrate our chosen profession?

  • Industrial Water Treatment is a noble profession that should be celebrated for saving energy, water, equipment, time, the environment, and more.

  • Industrial Water Treatment utilizes a wide range of skill sets that engages the mind and rewards curiosity. It encourages both independence and teamwork. It employs a diverse set of people. While not recession proof, it is often recession insulated because industrial, commercial, and institutional users still need well-managed water to keep their doors open. While it should be celebrated everyday, let's at least celebrate Industrial Water Treatment for one week a year.

  • No one outside of our profession really knows what we do. Industrial Water Week is a reason to tell them.

  • No one outside our profession knows what we do is even a career option. Industrial Water Week is a reason to tell them.

Why is Industrial Water Week a week instead of a day?

While only a day was considered, when one thinks of the wide range of activities our profession does, a week of theme days seemed appropriate.

Who started Industrial Water Week?

An Industrial Water Treatment professional with a passion for spreading knowledge of and love for industrial water treatment drop by drop. To learn more about the birth of Industrial Water Week, read this Pulse article on LinkedIn.